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Our Services

Elevate Your Nails, Elevate Your Day!

Why Choose Us

Special Treatments

From precise trimming to cuticle care, we ensure your nails receive the essential attention they deserve.

Sunday Sanctuary

TJ Nails opens it's doors on Sundays, ensuring you have the flexibility to prioritize your nail care routine.

Texture Trends

From glossy finishes to matte marvels, we stay ahead of the curve, offering you a diverse palette of textures


Our range of high-quality polishes ensures a flawless finish, adding vibrancy and style to your nails.


Make your day shine with your shiny nails

Nail Enhancement

Acrylic Fullset
Acrylic Fullset w Gel Polish
Fill In
Fill W Gel Polish
Pink & White / Ombre Fullset
Pink & White / Ombre Fill-in
Pink Fill

Color powder/ Nude Fullset
SNS Color Dip Powder
SNS Dip Powder Extention
LCN Liquid Gel FullSet with Gel Polish
LCN Liquid Gel Fill-in with Gel polish
French Add-on
Manicure (Cuticle Remover)
$55 & up

Signature Pedicures

Voesh Lux 3-Step
LUX 3 Step + 4 Scent to Choice + Foot Massage
Voesh Deluxe 4-Step
Deluxe 4 Step Pedicure + 15 Scents to Choice + Hot Stone + Extra Foot Massage
-Florida Orange
4-Step Signature Pedi + Everything Orange + Hot Stone foot massage
-999 Roses
4-Step Signature Pedi+ Everything Rose + Hot Stone foot massage
Volcano Spa Pedicure Detox
Ultimate 6 Step Pedi + 12 Scents of Choice + Volcano Detox + Hot Stone + Collagen Boost + Extra Foot Massage.

Add to Signature Pedicures

Shellac / Gel Polish
Paraffin Wax.
Extra Callus Treatment.

Signature Pedicure

Florida Orange Spa Pedicure

This Treatment will provide your feet with all of the Vitamin C you need and Yes! We use Real Orange to scrub and massage your feet and leg. Along with Orange sugar scrub to exfoliate all dead skin. Then cover your feet with Orange Mud mask wrap with hot towels and more massage with Hot Stone & Lotion. Finish off with a nice color of your choice. The Natural Organic acid from the citric will leave your nails feeling fresh and new.

Natural Nails Care

Nail trimming Shaping. Cuticle grooming, Callus treatment. Scrubling warm towel & Polish

(Everything the Spa pedicure offers. Included Legs & Feet massage)

Express Pedicure
Spa Pedicure

Mani &Spa Pedi


"Art on your fingertips, where beauty and style gently eclipses."

Time Schedule

Working Hours

If you're looking for a nail salon open on Sunday in the Bradenton area, look no further than our salon. We are proud to be one of the best nail salons in the area, offering a range of high-quality nail care services to our clients.

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