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Getting a pedicure in downtown Bradenton, Florida

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Getting a pedicure in downtown Bradenton, Florida

It’s almost summer and of course, many people are already excited as they make plans to change their wardrobes. Many people will definitely switch from dressing in thick and warm clothings like leggings, sweaters, and boots, etc to mini dresses, shorts as well as sandals. Well, the million dollar question now is are you healthy and kempt enough to show off those sexy feet you have been hiding in winter shoes for many months? If you reside in Downtown Bradenton, Florida, you should consider experiencing a great pedicure session in one of the fancy spas around town. It has been revealed that the average person makes an estimated 8000 to 10000 steps on a daily basis. Of course, this results in wear and tear of the feet and that explains why pedicure is essential. There are actually many reasons to do a pedicure, including exfoliating the feet, preserving the skin’s moisture, relaxing the body, promoting circulation as well as decreasing the chances of infections, but that could actually be a topic of its own. This article rather focuses on what to expect during an amazing spa session.

1) A soothing foot bath

Most pedicures typically begin with a soothing soak of the feet. So if you are going for a pedicure, expect your feet to be cleaned with warm scented water while you relax and take a sip of fine wine or juice. This foot bath which lasts for about 5 minutes is more like a mini Jacuzzi experience. The whole experience is geared to ease your muscle, thereby releasing stress.

2) Exfoliation

The next thing you should expect after removing your feet from water is scrubbing and maybe massaging of your feet. Scrubbing is usually done with an exfoliating rub, combined with salt and other minerals. The intention is to slough away dead skin as well as soften the roughest patches or areas of hardened skin. Besides, exfoliation also increases circulation, as well as stimulates lymph flow that protects the body against viruses. So, instead of being embarrassed by certain woes like extreme dryness or cracks in your feet, you should rather relax and enjoy the moment.

3) Nail preparation

Also, you should expect the pedicurist to spend some time to prepare your nails. It’s possible you could have left your toe nails polish lingering for a little too long and instead of taking them off and applying brand new polish, you rather spent many months topping up chips. Well, in this case, your nails are like to be brittle, dull and probably breeding an infection. Of course, your pedicurist will notice all such little issues and resolve them. The beauty expert is most likely to trim your toenails, file them and even push back cuticles.

4) Nail polish application

The final thing to expect is nail polish application. Many people, especially women, find this stage very interesting because they get to decide what color and design of nails to wear among the available variety. Of course, bright shades are good for summer, so you should consider settling for or experimenting with bright colors if it’s summer time. Moreover, you get the opportunity to choose between gel nails or the classic artificial nails. Oh well, whatever choice you make, it may interest you to know that gel nails last longer than the regular artificial nails.

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